Yaser Shaw


In order to be more creative I travel, explore and expand my views as much as I can. I try to see and find those things in life that most people simply overlook. To achieve that I sometimes simply sit somewhere on the side, talk to the people doing their jobs, drink some «chai» or I just watch the day go by with all its marvel and beauty... some place like an old Delhi spice market for instance... or if I travel far some market or place in Samarakand or any other place on my way – here and there... I admire the people at the markets. They are hard workers, simple and what I admire the most about them is their love for small things – things that make your life.

The tradition that surrounds me where ever I go has a big impact on my work. In order to get the inspiration I try to find the connections between tradition and everyday life... I observe colors, arhitecture... and then in a certain moment expressions come out... and what I like the most is that it comes from experience.

I travel, walk around to experience things, because it is not the same to read about something and actually feel it. So I travel to understand life better and from that understanding comes my inspiration, and from the inspiration comes an idea and than draft after draft – because the first draft is never my last draft, and then comes the creation.